There was a time when 911 was considered a very dangerous car. The rear engine acted as a pendulum, and the lightweight front was constantly losing grip … hence the laws of physics decided your destiny. Fortunately, the Stuttgart geniuses did not give up, and 991 model generation became the most successful 911 model to […]

For many the 1990’s represented the golden age in Japanese automotive engineering. After years of imitating foreign sports car designs, a new breed of performance machines with a distinctive attitude emerged from Japan. Compared to other design philosophies, Japanese automakers made their mark by developing sports cars that emphasized reliability, efficiency, technological sophistication and, most […]

Pfaff Tuning is a renowned company located in Woodbridge, Canada and they offer high-end solutions for performance and design upgrades for cars made by the likes of Mini, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, VW, Audi, Porsche, Bentley and BMW. With decades of motorsport experience under their belt, they are sure to provide their customers with nothing but the best […]

We love Techart body kits for the Porsche 911, mainly because they really know what they are doing. You will not see any styling abominations that many other tuners tend to create. The Porsche 911 has been representing a distinctive piece of automotive styling for more than 50 years now and this means that you […]

Prior Design is a tuning company based in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany and they have made a name for themselves for creating elaborate upgrade packages for some of the most revered cars today and their latest project is the perfect example of their work. The PD600R, as they call it, is a tuning program for the Audi […]