The stunning F82 M4 GTS is a limited edition model, which makes it even more exclusive, but G-Power decided to provide the owners with an option of a pretty comprehensive performance upgrade. Now, the stock car packs 500 hp, which already makes the coupe amazing. However, an ECU upgrade in the form of G-Power Bi-Tronik […]

This Atlantis Blue car was created by IND, a tuning company based in Chicago, and it is the result of its owner’s precisely clarified desires. The idea was to create a car that is unique, but that also packs that OEM feel which BMW fans hold so dear. The result is the stunner before us. […]

If the Inferno kit name seems familiar it is because Russian tuner house TopCar has already used it on a number of the GLE Coupe models. The kit now got a new use in the form of upgrading the regular GLE model and it looks amazing on the less ostentatious non-coupe version. The black paint […]

There aren’t many of these around, but RACE actually has upgraded two of them, adding lots of flare to the beastly wagon. Now, not many people would be brave enough to delve into tuning a car that is extremely rare and already beloved. If unsuccessful, that would be a pretty dangerous endeavor, but if successful, […]

Fans of Mercedes usually focus their attention whenever someone says the name Lorinser. The tuners from this house have been known to provide substantial upgrades to various Mercs throughout history and their latest creation is the AMG GT S which, after the upgrade, packs more power and unique looks. The looks are a tricky part […]

We love Techart body kits for the Porsche 911, mainly because they really know what they are doing. You will not see any styling abominations that many other tuners tend to create. The Porsche 911 has been representing a distinctive piece of automotive styling for more than 50 years now and this means that you […]

The German tuning company has upgraded the minute M2 and made it far more appealing in terms of performance and looks. Speaking of performance, they offer three stages of tuning which actually fail to achieve the massive power gains usually reserved for the last tuning stage. However, the M2 is rather small and already amazingly […]

The first glimpse came in New York in March this year so it was about time we got a bit more information (and pictures!) about the track-ready NSX GT3 beast. The images show the car without the track livery adorned with loads of carbon fiber. They also show that some of the more extreme design features […]

Local events might actually turn out to be much more interesting for the participants then huge, more global gatherings. Cars and Coffee has spread all over the world and developed into one of the most successful automotive-related events, birthing car shows that act locally, but form huge communities. Now, what do you think people were […]