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Porsche launches the mighty 911 GT2 RS

There was a time when 911 was considered a very dangerous car. The rear engine acted as a pendulum, and the lightweight front was constantly losing grip … hence the laws of physics decided your destiny.

Fortunately, the Stuttgart geniuses did not give up, and 991 model generation became the most successful 911 model to date.

porsche 911 gt 2 rs

As such, 991/911 is one of the most balanced, fast and enjoyable sports cars, even in a base configuration. After GT3 RS it was hard to imagine that Porsche could surprise us with something even more wild.

But here is the most powerful factory model ever created – GT2 RS. Its has impressive 700 hp and a monstrous 749Nm torque firing this miracle of technology up to 100km / h in less than 2.8 seconds.

porsche 911 gt 2 rs

Porsche is known for its modesty when calculating the 0 to 60 speed, so in all fairness it is expected that in real world tests this time will fall to 2.6, even 2.5 seconds.

All this performance is thanks to the already familiar 3.8-liter Turbo S boxer engine. However, the GT2 RS is equipped with larger turbines and a completely redesigned cooling system specially crafted to withstand the stresses of track driving.

porsche 911 gt 2 rs

For now, the model is only available with the great seven-speed PDK transmission. However considering that Porsche has already dropped a manual gearbox in the next GT3 RS, we will not be surprised if it appears here.

Improved stability also takes care of rear-wheel drive, ceramic brakes and huge 265/35/20 tires in front and 325/30/21 at the rear.

Porsche 911 GT2 RS

The curb weight of the GT2 RS is only 1470kg due to the light composite elements used in the body construction as well as the standard magnesium roof structure, carbon cargo compartment and titanium exhaust system, which is six kilograms lighter than that of Turbo S.

porsche 911 gt 2 rs

If you want to save an extra 18kg, you can pay another $35,370 for the Weissach package, which includes magnesium alloy wheels, carbon roof and stabilizing bars.

Despite all the attempts to lose weight, the interior will not feel as if you are in prison cell. You get a light red alcantara, black leather and lots of carbon. Also, there’s navigation, audio system and even air conditioning.

porsche 911 gt 2 rs

The seats are deep troughs with carbon backs for added strength. An optional Chrono package is also available, which detects and saves your track times.

Prices start at the mocking $334,000. With the Weissach Bundle the MSRP will make a hefty jump to $369,000 and with some other options will pass 400 almost as easily as it accelerates 0-100.

Now we are looking forward to seeing three pedals and a manual gearbox in the GT2 RS cockpit!

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