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Revozport Lamborghini Huracan


The girl in the picture a model? No, he is not a model chosen for the photo shoot, but the owner of this incredible Huracan.


The girl in the picture could appear to be one of those models chosen to put together the most intriguing and powerful supercars on the planet, yet she is not: she is the lucky owner of what is certainly one of the most fascinating Lamborghini Huracans Dubai and the whole world panorama. This bull, with a splendid purple shimmer, was signed by the RevoZport tuner, which made the Huracàn lighter than a hundred kilograms thanks to a new carbon fiber frame that includes doors, bumper, rear diffuser, mini-skirts and The rear spoiler.

Not only that, RevoZport has also focused on the powertrain: the V10 that normally delivers 610 hp, now develops 700 hp power, thanks to the upgrade of the control unit. This wonderful Lamborghini Huracàn also features an Iconel exhaust system, weighing only seven kilograms, typical of the F1 single-seater. Lightweight, and capable of delivering unmatched sound. Wonderful!


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